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Catalog Record: SCTC Salmon 2050 Scenario 1: Retirement Paradise
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Scenario1 retirement paradise

SCTC Salmon 2050 Scenario 1: Retirement Paradise

The sustainability of salmon within this ever-changing climate is a question posed by many whose lives focus on this natural resource and its future. South Central Alaska is no exception to this, and as such the Salmon 2050 Project through EPSCOR places focus upon the South Central area to address this issue. Five hypothetical scenarios have been constructed in order to address the future of salmon.

Scenario 1: “Climate warms as indicated by an average July air temperature increase of 1.1 C within the watershed. Ocean acidification leads to a 5% reduction in food availability for salmon. Local and regional economy slows due to lack of oil and gas development. New development accounts only for local population growth, which increases to 25,000 fueled by a new retiree-driven tourism economy. New type of economy develops to support this increasing population. This leads to a substantial increase in sport fishing. Personal use fishery participation only moderately increases due to local population growth.”


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